Changed privacy policy on this page and removed cookie hint

Due to the new privacy regulations in Germany, I deleted all existing comments irreversible and deactivated the comment function.
Also, I have checked if cookies are set by my site. No cookies are set when surfing through my site. That’s why I was able to remove the cookie hint.

The cause of the reduced Internet speed was an old switch

The connection to the Internet is via my cable modem ch7466ce from compal (In bridge mode), the router TL-WDR4300 from tp-link and then finally via the switch from netgear model gs108 (Construction year 2003).
My Internet provider is Vodafone with 400 Mbps downlink and 25 Mbps uplink. But unfortunately I do not have the full speed on the computer. As it turned out, the old netgear switch was the cause.

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